About this Ministry

People long for connection. We believe the two most transformative connections are discovered in God “in whom we live and move and have our being”(Acts 17:28) and with one another, both in the love of Christ. Enjoying connection with the Divine majesty of nature, the St. John’s Fly Fishers serve Christ and further the Kingdom through a welcoming community of adult women and men (16 years or older) who share a passion for fly fishing. Fly fishing connects us to the beauty and holy mystery of nature, as well as the beauty and holy mystery of each other…the Imago Dei. Ultimately, we encounter the beauty and mystery of Holiness itself as we are taken into God’s heart, where we experience deepest healing, peace, and love. The St. John’s Fly Fishers: sponsor and plan outreach events offering opportunities for folks to come together on the water and in the classroom; learn how to be good stewards of God’s holy creation; and encounter fellowship with others on this path of faith.



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