Groups we support and participate with actively among our ministry group.


This section will include presentations from our monthly meeting Learning Topics.

What Trout Eat with Dan Robertson
(Powerpoint File, 2mb)

How to give trout what they want
Orvis Video / Great fundamentals.

Fly Tying Tips

River to Fly Strategy (R2FS) — A fly tying process for the beginner’s success // Wadeouthere Blog — Jason Shemchuk, friend of the SJFF

Getting Started in Fly Tying with Kelly Galloup
VIdeo / He keeps it simple.

Tying the Wooly Bugger
Tightline Videos are great. Easy to follow as you learn each step. Video


We’ll share over favorite books, readings, etc. that have meaning and depth from our perspective.

Jesus Calling

Fly Fishing – The Sacred Art,  Casting a Fly as a Spiritual Practice by:  Rabbi Eric Eisenkramer an Rev. Michael Attas, MD

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