Ministry Launched on Front Lawn!

Sunday, June 3rd

After weeks of preparation, our ministry was officially launched!  During the congregational picnic on June 3rd, a hands-on information station located on the front lawn allowed people with interest to stop by and learn about St. John’s Fly Fishers. The station included a display with a flier that described the ministry and upcoming events, a hands-on casting course and several volunteers eager to spread the news!

The level of interest exceeded our expectations. Several people stopped by and spoke at length with our volunteers.

Many were beginners, who had “always wanted to try fly fishing” but had been unsure of how to get started.  There were of course a few who had fly fishing experience.  So overall we saw interest from a wide range of skill levels.

During the discussions many were added to our mailing list and several people went ahead and “marked their calendars” for our August weekend retreat.

Highlights of the day were Jeff hanging out in his waders (it was hot but Jeff did a nice job of hanging in), Craig leading the hands-on casting and even taking one for the team by repeatedly demonstrating the proper technique for extricating ones fly from a Red Bud tree (did I hear him say “Cut it Down!”) and Brad giving a fly casting lesson behind the Magnolia!

It was a great day, let’s seize the momentum!

Submitted by: Greg Williams

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