New Fly Fisher, Julie Williams, “I couldn’t be more excited!”

New fly fisher Julie Williams recently shared her exciting news across the text message chain — “Landed my first trout and I couldn’t be any more excited!”

A thrilled Julie Williams catching her first trout in NC mountains.

In fact, Julie caught, landed and released 6 trout that day. Her husband Greg, also a new fly fisher, added the details and answered the

questions we all had for them via the text message. ‘What fly? Where are you fishing, exactly? … Congrats!’

Both Julie and Greg have been regulars (Greg a founding member / core group of St. John’s Fly Fishers) at the monthly meetings through the fall and winter, soaking up the information in the learning sessions. Greg even recently taught the knot tying segment.

Julie and Greg have taken their learning and desire to experience fly fishing and applied it on-stream and have netted great results. Dan Robertson, fellow St. John’s Fly Fisher said, “This is where we can encounter Christ in many ways.” “Actually getting out there is the key to all of this,” he added.

We have many great fly fishing streams, rivers and bodies of water to explore that are close-by to Charlotte. Several favorites of ours for trout include:

Wilson Creek (2 hours away)

North Mills River (2.5 hours away)

East Prong of the French Broad (3 hours away)

You’ll have to attend the next monthly meeting to ask Julie and Greg where they were fishing and they will surely give you enough information to start taking notes and getting set to buddy up with a fellow fly fisher for an upcoming day and/or weekend trip.

Our next monthly meeting will be at St. John’s in Room 125 — Thursday, June 11th @ 6pm. Topics will include: summer and fall trip plan, day and weekend outings – letting group know “you are going” and “want to go”, Realm, net project; Merch will be available for purchase.

Visit the St. John’s Fly Fishers web site:

There you will see:

Calendar of Events – includes overnight/destination trips, monthly meetings, casting clinics, links to day and weekend outings

The St. John’s Fly Fishers is a ministry within St. John’s Episcopal Church in Charlotte, North Carolina — with a mission to help others encounter Christ through the art of fly fishing. All are welcome to explore with us.


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