Basic “Starter Kit”

Getting started in fly fishing can be a little overwhelming sometimes. There are many tools, gadgets and materials to consider.

St. John’s Fly Fisher, Bill Nuttall, asked this week:

What are the basics that I need for the upcoming Lake Logan trip?

Pictured is a basic “starter kit” to consider. If we ask veteran fly fishers this same question, there will be a really good set of choices — this is simply my answer to Bill’s question today.

Pictured are:

  • Hemostats
  • Zinger with nippers
  • Leaders (2 or 3 pack)
  • Tippet material (this is tied at end of leader, fly is tied at end of tippet)
  • Flies: 1) Elk Hair Caddis, #14, light color so you can see it on the water); 2) Bead Head Pheasant Tail Nymph, #14; 3) Olive Wooly Bugger, #8;

In Charlotte, you can pick these up at:

  • Jesse Browns
  • Orvis
  • Cabelas or Bass Pro
  • Great Outdoor Provision Company

Price range noted in photo.

For many of us all this “stuff” is part of the fun of fly fishing. It has taken us all literally years to understand why we need it and how to use all of this stuff fully.

— Craig Murden


Our Lake Logan Trout Trip is November 1-3. This is an Episcopal Conference Center that has a trout stream on it’s property and a bunch a other streams close by. Ideal for beginners to super experienced. Check out photos and details:

A big thanks to St. John’s Fly Fishers Greg Williams (for coordinating this trip, which we hope can be an annual fall event) and Dan Robertson (for sharing his experiences at Lake Logan and nearby streams).


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