Sign Up for Lake Logan Trip: April 17-19

We are excited to return to Lake Logan Episcopal Conference Center in the North Carolina Mountains. We had a great time in the fall on our initial trip and found it to be an awesome combination of rustic cabins, turn-key dining, great proximity to area streams and ideal hang out space at lodge, cabins or fire pit.

Fishing is for delayed harvest rainbow and brown trout in 4-5 area streams we have scouted to include the West Fork of the Pigeon River which flows out of the lake within walking distance.

Lake Logan is a former lumber company executive retreat built back in the 1920s. The cabins are one of a kind on a property that is very secluded within the tree canopy. At the end of the lake opposite from where we’ll start fishing is a dam with a rainbow trout hatchery that supplies most of the area restaurants with fresh trout.

Stay tuned for turn-key package price — meals, lodging, firewood. For now, contact Greg Williams to reserve your spot. Based on last fall’s trip, package price should be under $200, for Friday and Saturday overnight, Friday dinner, breakfast and dinner Saturday and Sunday.

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